ArmorWire is a high performance tensioned cable barrier system consisting of unique ‘oval’ shaped steel posts.


Slots within the posts hold the barrier cables at the required height and each post has a socketed concrete footing. This makes for easier installation and maintenance.


The system allows an impacting vehicle to be re-directed in a safe and predictable manner.


Watch our latest webinar interview on ArmorWire testing and how it can help you!


User-friendly cable barrier with minimal components (socket, post, post cap and cable) -  easy installation & after-impact repair.

3 and 4 cable options available no need for multiple system designs.

Variable post spacing enables cost versus performance decisions to be made for a more economic installation.



  • Optional terminal end, NCHRP 350  TL-3 tested and approved (without snagging vaulting or ramping issues) -  preventing dangerous vehicle behaviour

  • Standard terminal end providing a low cost solution

  • Socketed system for ease and speed of repair after impact

  • Demonstrable reduction in sand build-up - keeping roads safer and reducing maintenance effort and cost.

  • High-tension system provides exceptionally low deflection and safe test ASI rating (A). Assuring Safety in a tighter margin 

  • All posts are hot-dip galvanised to EN1461 (Powder coated is optional)

Standards, Testing & Performance

  • FHWA Acceptance to NCHRP 350 TL-3 & TL-4

  • EN1317-2 tested to H1 & H2 containment

Max Height                            872mm

Post Width                             97mm

Cable Heights (3 cable)         530 | 650 | 770mm

Cable Heights (4 cable)         530 | 650 | 770 | 790mm

Post Spacing (Variable)          2m - 6m




Technical Specification

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