A high performance tensioned cable barrier system consisting of unique ‘oval’ shaped steel posts. The oval shape giving the structural strength that ensures great performance and the smooth exterior profile


Slots within the posts hold the barrier cables at the required height and each post has a socketed concrete footing. This makes for easier installation and maintenance.


The system allows an impacting vehicle to be re-directed in a safe and predictable manner.


Read our ArmorWire case study here

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User-friendly cable barrier with minimal components (socket, post, post cap and cable) -  easy installation & after-impact repair.

Just one system available with either 3 or 4 cable options and no complicated variations.

Variable post spacing enables cost versus performance decisions to be made for a more economic installation.




  • Optional terminal end, NCHRP 350  TL-3 tested and approved (without snagging vaulting or ramping issues) -  preventing dangerous vehicle behaviour

  • Standard terminal end providing a low cost solution

  • Socketed system for ease and speed of repair after impact

  • Demonstrable reduction in sand build-up - keeping roads safer and reducing maintenance effort and cost.

  • High-tension system provides exceptionally low deflection and safe test ASI rating (A). Assuring Safety in a tighter margin 

  • All posts are hot-dip galvanised to EN1461 (Powder coated is optional)

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Standards, Testing & Performance

  • FHWA Acceptance to NCHRP 350 TL-3 & TL-4

  • EN1317-2 tested to H1 & H2 containment

Technical Specification

Max Height                            872mm

Post Width                             97mm

Cable Heights (3 cable)         530 | 650 | 770mm

Cable Heights (4 cable)         530 | 650 | 770 | 790mm

Post Spacing (Variable)          2m - 6m