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Success in Scotland: Why BG800 and TAU crash cushions work so well together

Highway Care regularly provide the BG800 temporary steel barrier to main contractors and traffic management companies to protect road work crews who are working on the hard shoulder of busy trunk roads or in central reservations.

The first crash cushion on a VRS in Scotland

Something that Highway Care are really proud of, is installing the first crash cushion on a temporary vehicle restraint system in Scotland.

With one of our partners, the Central Traffic Management Group (CTM Group) we were able to provide the BG800 and TAU crash cushion as part of the construction of Junction 29A on the M8 Motorway, beginning in 2017. New slip roads were also constructed where the A8 passed over the M8 and were completed within two years.

The BG800 was installed on the rib line of lane 1 and closed off the hard shoulder to protect engineers and workforce who were working on the verge, adjacent to the M8.

Why was the TAU crash cushion chosen alongside BG800?

There were concerns raised, that without additional protection for the stretch of dark highway with no planed speed restriction, both road workers' and motorist's lives could be put at risk.

Highway Care and CTM Group, suggested to Morgan Sindall, the main contractor who were running the job, that a crash cushion would be the ideal solution to the dark and dangerous stretch of road with road works taking place.

The TAU crash cushion is easily connected to the BG800 temporary barrier. So, after a consultation period with Transerv and Police Scotland it was all agreed upon. This was to be the first deployment of its kind in Scotland. A very exciting time for Highway Care.

The TAU proves its worth

Safety was hugely improved during the temporary works, with the TAU crash cushion being put to the ultimate test with an unfortunate collision occurring.

The TAU safely re-directed the vehicle that hit it. Performing as designed, the cushion was promptly and easily replaced for the duration of the works without any further incident.

Proving that the fears of main contractor's and Highway Care were correct, in dark conditions and a chance of road layout, temporary road barriers and crash cushions are a great safety tool and will help to minimise the damage that errant vehicles can cause, both to life, vehicles and traffic systems.

What our Road Barriers Commercial Manager, Ian Davey says

“We have been successfully using crash cushions as a safe end terminal for Temporary Vehicle Restraint Systems (TVRS), such as steel and concrete barriers, throughout England.

It’s re-directive performance has saved lives of both drivers and road workers for years.

We are pleased that through our installation partnership with CTM Group, we have not only been able to supply 18km’s regional stock of BG800 steel barrier but also provide access to safety solutions that are not currently deployed throughout Scotland.

The TAU crash cushion is one of the shortest 110km/h re-directive crash cushions available, offering a superior telescopic design, this vehicle restraint system’s primary function is to increase road safety, and will decelerate and re-direct a vehicle in the case of a collision; as observed during its first application in Scotland.”

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