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BG800 protects racers at Bournemouth Wheels Festival

The high speed two day event that contributes to Bournemouth's motoring heritage, took place at the end of May. The Bournemouth Wheels Festival is in its second consecutive year and proving a spectacular attraction, with a range of events spanning the weekend. A popular spectator area is on the Demonstration Straight, stretching along the length of the East Overcliff and providing festival-goers a chance to line the course to watch bikes, karts, historic F1, Le Mans, Touring, Rally and Supercars in action.

To ensure spectators and drivers were protected over the duration of the festival, Bournemouth Borough Council searched for a strong temporary barrier system that could be installed quickly, limit disruption, ensure the containment of an errant vehicle and not damage the road surface.

Highway Care was selected to install approximately 1.4km of BG800. With its low deflection and quick installation, BG800 is considerably lighter in comparison to other temporary barrier solutions, weighing just 90kg per metre. Approximately 7 trucks of BG800 were required instead of a potential 30+ trucks necessary to deliver heavier alternatives.

“Highway Care was pleased to supply Bournemouth Wheels Festival with a barrier that matched their requirements. BG800 is a low deflecting, high containment barrier that is perfectly suited to a quick deployment with limited disruption." says Mike Hale, Business Development Manager at Highway Care "The event was a success and we were able to deconstruct the barrier promptly after the event".

"I was impressed both with the barriers themselves and probably even more so, the efficiency of their removal. I went out in the morning of the removal expecting to see them being taken away only to find they had been removed with no apparent disruption at all. The bolt holes in the highway had all been filled with bitumen as agreed and there was next to no evidence they had ever been there".Martin Dover, Highway Network Manager at Bournemouth Borough Council

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