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Advancement in steel crash barriers benefits Highways sector

Mike Hale, Highway Care's Key Account Manager for the Road Barrier System division, discusses the advancements in steel crash cushions and their use across the road network.

The strategic road network developed in the 1960's, is now under the strain of transporting over four million vehicles per day.

The recent Highways England delivery plan for the smart motorway schemes is a direct response to the government’s Road Investment Strategy, which aims to reduce congestion and update the system to match the requirements of today’s economic growth.

The overall objective is to save lives and prevent injuries on the road when work is taking place on highways, which are constantly being worked on.

With increased temporary roadworks, decreased space and additional use of concrete barriers, an influx in the adoption of steel crash cushions has been evident as a safe end. Highway Care has seen a three-fold increase in crash cushion adoption this year, compared to annual installation figures over the previous five years; a sign of increased spend in infrastructure and safety advancements in restricted hazardous areas.

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