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BG800 proves successful in Australia

BG800 proved yet another success in March in Australia during a live crash demonstration sponsored by Highway Care International's Australian partners Boylan Group and Coates Hire.

Observing the demonstration of the BG800 system in Melbourne, was Mr. Mike Dreznes Executive Vice President International Road Federation, who said: “One of the nice things about the BG800 is its ease of use. The disadvantage of concrete barriers is their weight and the cost to bring them to the site and the time taken to move them when you get it there. You can get about six times more barrier guards on a truck compared to concrete barriers.

“The BG800 is primarily designed to protect the roadside workers and motorists. The reduced deflection of the BG800 is superior compared to other types of barriers and if it is pinned, the deflection is almost next to nothing This product has been tried and tested to be able to safely keep vehicles of all sizes from penetrating it and redirecting vehicles safely back into the traffic so they can home safely”.

Mark Forbes, National Product Manager, Ground, Pumps & Traffic present at the demonstration to answer questions also commented on the BG800 system: “This is a pin system as opposed to a free standing one and its ability to perform is improved through the pinning process. Road authorities across Australia prefer this type of barrier as opposed to the free standing barriers. “The biggest benefits to motorists and road authorities is the ability to keep traffic flowing through construction zones and not reduce speeds too much which builds up congestion. To have a barrier that performs at higher speeds allows road users to continually use the road without interruptions and this is certainly a big benefit”.

Road Safety advocate Beverley Brock said: “I am extremely impressed for a number of reasons. The fact that when the car hit the barrier it gently slid along it with minimal impact to the car and driver. It is also very suitable for motorcycle riders as there is nothing that would catch them or damage them, so the BG800 is an extremely impressive innovation in road safety”.

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