Health and Safety

BG800 wheeled proves the best solution

When Palmer Fencing recently carried out some work on the A14 at Barrow Heath, Area 6, they specifically needed a portable barrier that could be effortlessly moved at the beginning and end of each shift.

BG800 Wheeled was chosen for the 4-week long project of upgrading work around the base of the existing bridge pier. While these works were in motion, another construction company were working on upgrading the pier structure itself. BG800 Wheeled not only protected the pier from any traffic impacts whilst the concrete was curing, but also the general public on the carriageway from the deep trench which had been excavated in front of the pier in order to expose the lower part for refurbishment.

Palmer Fencing made the decision to have five of their staff fully trained on BG800 Wheeled, enabling them to save time and money on the nightly move of the barrier. Contracts Manager Shane Sanders commented: “Once we completed the LANTRA training, our crew on site found it extremely easy to move the barrier on a nightly basis. We were very pleased with how smoothly the whole project went.”

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