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Highway Care's X-Tensions installed on the A14

Highway Care supplied 74 X-tension 110 P4 terminals for use on the A14, a key strategic route which links the port of Felixstowe in East Anglia. For a 6 month period work commenced on the installation of fibre optic cables along the A14; providing real-time traffic information to 72 electronic overhead signs. Birse Civil Engineering awarded the contract to Arbus Civil Engineering to install safety barrier to protect this vital and costly infrastructure.

At time of the installation the X-tension 110 P4 terminal was still a relatively new product in the Uk, unique in the way that it absorbs energy of an impacting vehicle. The errant vehicle engages with the head of the system forcing a friction plate to slide along two heavy-duty cables, thereby safety dissipating the energy of the impact. Site operatives on the A14 have described their preference for a system with fewer parts, a universal handed head system for approach and departures, and greater ease of assembly, all of which the Xtension satisfies. Fewer parts to stock and time-saving by the side the road also reward the contracting company and ultimately the client. Arbus Civil Engineering are now working along the M11 installing a further 30 systems. The Xtension is one of a suite of products available to offer barrier end protection along with double sided P4 terminals and crash cushion systems.

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