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Mini Light Arrow introduced to industry

Introducing the MLA15 Mini Light Arrow to the sweeper vehicle industry from leading road safety equipment suppliers, Highway Care. The MLA15 is designed to dramatically increase visibility and therefore road safety for personnel who operate routine maintenance vehicles. The bright flashing lights of the mini light arrow can be seen by motorists from a considerable distance. This serves to increase a motorists’ awareness of a potential hazard ahead, is an ‘active’ sign showing the safe path of travel and allows the motorist additional time to make the required manoeuvre.

The MLA15 is ideal for use on low speed roads by slow moving maintenance vehicles that may not be supported by other traffic management procedures. The light arrow is of lightweight construction and can be easily mounted to works vehicles such as sweepers or litter picking vehicles. The MLA15 is Signs & Type Approved and meets the requirements of Chapter 8, for use on Highways Agency roads – ref (Chap 8 – 08.1.8)*

The MLA15 consists of 15 amber halogen lights which can display a choice of arrow left, arrow right or the 4-fold hazard warning lights. The light arrow is supplied with a battery cable and control pad allowing full operation from within the relative safety of the vehicle cab. The halogen lights are mounted on a grey aluminium sign panel which can be attached directly to a vehicle or mounted on a separate galvanized steel frame according to customer requirements. You have the choice of remote raise and lower also, meaning that the sign can be mounted much higher on the vehicle without suffering the consequences of wind resistance during normal travel. A full installation service is offered by Highway Care for customers who want a one-stop supply & service.

The MLA15’s simplicity and high visibility make it an essential first choice for road maintenance vehicles and their operators’ visibility and safety needs.

* Chapter 8 (2009)
O8.1.8 An authorised small light arrow sign may be used on works vehicles as a substitute for a sign to diagram 610 and for the sign to diagram 7403. Details of which signs are authorised for use in this manner, and the limitations on their use as a substitute for the sign to diagram 7403, should be confirmed with the Overseeing Organisation. Where the traffic authority has carried out a risk assessment and determined that using the small light arrow sign on a road subject to a maximum speed limit above 40 mph will not compromise safety, they may apply for special authorisation to do so.

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