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288 metres of BG800 installed on the A12

BG800 N2 W2 has been installed on the A12 (Colchester) as part of the new Junction 28 bridge construction. Highway Care is pleased to have supplied and installed 288 metres of BG800 N2 W2 to the hard shoulder of both the northbound and southbound carriageways for Carillion Civil Engineering. A further 1,200 metres of BG800 has also been installed to protect the work areas for the construction of the 4 associated slip roads at Junction 28.

The installation was carried out to protect road workers whilst building works were completed for the bridge to cross the A12 as part of a new junction. BG800 N2 W2 steel safety barrier has been specifically designed for use at road works on high speed roads and was chosen by Carillion Civil Engineering for its low deflection and fast installation time. With BG800 in place, positive protection was provided to both the workforce and passing motorists during the building works.

Carillion Civil Engineering stated that “we were very pleased with the efficient service we received from Highway Care. The installations were carried out quickly, while the technical assistance was also very helpful.”

BG800 N2 W2 is the lowest working width temporary steel barrier in the UK, and gives road workers a greater area in which to carry out construction and maintenance works, whilst being protected from passing motorists. Carillion Civil Engineering found the barrier’s low deflection a particular benefit in order to allow safe works to take place close to the roadside. The reduced working width of BG800 N2 W2 also means that lane widths can be maintained along the live carriageway to allow ease of traffic flow whilst still achieving the required work space.

BG800’s low deflection and high containment is demonstrated through it meeting the requirements of both EN1317-2 (containment levels N2 and H2) and NCHRP 350 (TL-4).

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