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TAU crash cushions: N25 Waterford Bypass Toll Booths

Toll booths are extremely busy areas, often with high volumes of slow moving traffic, which unfortunately means they are prone to accidents.

How can crash cushions help save lives?

What solutions can be installed to try and prevent damage to toll booths and protect motorists and toll booth workers? We explore the TAU crash cushion's benefits, using the N25 Waterford Bypass toll booth project as an example of how the use of redirectional systems can stop accidents from becoming major incidents.

How have TAU crash cushions been used at the N25 Waterford bypass toll booth?

A total of ten TAU crash cushions were installed at the N25 Waterford bypass in Ireland, at the end of each barrier leading up to each individual payment booth. In an area that can get congested such as this, a solution is needed to ensure that vehicles that decide to change lanes at the last minute are stopped in their tracks should they hit the barrier.

The TAU crash cushion's benefits are two-fold - firstly, the vehicle will be stopped in its tracks if it impacts the crash cushion, even of speeds up to 110 km/h, preventing damage to the barrier. Secondly and most importantly, the vehicle will be halted in its tracks, also preventing crashes with other motorists.

How do crash cushions work?

When impacted from the front, the system simply telescopes rearwards, absorbing the energy and capturing the errant vehicle. If impacted from the side, the system redirects the vehicle safely at a shallow exit angle. The TAU crash cushion is a fantastic piece of technology that has been tested in accordance with EN1317 standards and the National Roads Authority in Ireland and is a bidirectional Z1, D1 system and can protect hazards of widths ranging from 0.7m to 3.1m.

Are TAU crash cushions cost-effective?

TAU and other crash cushion systems are very cost-effective, due to them being highly reusable and easily repaired if there happens to be impact made. Typically, they can be repaired on site in less than 2 hours, minimising disruption to traffic flow when works are taking place.

I'm interested in saving motorist's lives and time, what next?

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