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Highway Care supplies first Tau crash cushion on M5

Highway Care supplied its first TAU Crash Cushion within the Area 2 network in March 2009. This is the first permanent installation of a TAU Crash Cushion in the UK, providing protection at an entry slip road along the M5. The crash cushion was installed by Barrier Services for client InterRoute Area 2. The crash friendly system has been installed to protect errant vehicles from impacting the barrier termination and will act to safely absorb the energy of a ‘head on’ impact or safety redirect the vehicle if impacted along its length.

TAU crash cushion systems, fully approved by the Highways Agency for use on UK roads, are fully redirective, bidirectional Z1, D1 systems. The crash cushion used on the M5 is a TAU B XL which is tapered to protect a 2.3m wide hazard and can withstand vehicle impacts at up to 110 km/h.

When impacted from the front, the system telescopes rearwards to absorb the energy and captures errant vehicles to prevent secondary accidents. If impacted from the side, the system redirects the vehicle safety at a shallow angle. The system is highly reusable following an impact and can be repaired on site typically in less than 2 hours.

The TAU crash cushion system can also be used in locations where motorists need to be protected from other temporary or permanent roadside hazards. These crash cushion systems are available in 50km/h through to 110km/h speed ratings and can protect hazards of widths ranging from 0.7m to 3.1m.

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