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BG800 protects M25 Bell Common tunnel

In October 2010 work began on the upgrade and widening of the Bell Common Tunnel between Junction 26 and Junction 27 of the M25. Costain was awarded this highly prestigious contract last summer by the Highways Agency and it is expected to last between 18 and 20 months. Highway Care is very proud to have won the work to provide both BG800 and the QuickChange Moveable Barrier (QMB) for this contract. Over 2km of BG800 and 4km of QMB has been installed with a Barrier Transfer Machine so that barrier can be transferred to meet the client's requirements for improved working space and greater traffic flow.

BG800 steel safety barrier, specifically designed for use at road works on high speed roads, was chosen by Costain for its low deflection and fast installation time. With BG800 in place, positive protection is provided to both the workforce and passing motorists while the M25 Bell Common Tunnel is being upgraded. BG800’s low deflection and high containment is demonstrated through it meeting the requirements of both EN1317 - 2 (containment levels N2 and H2) and NCHRP 350 (TL 4).

The use of the QMB during the contract allows work to be completed more quickly than using a conventional barrier. The QMB allows a special reactive tension barrier to be moved, via a transfer machine, from one lane to another at speeds up to 8mph several times a day. The works can therefore be designed to maximise road space for either the contactor or the motoring public at different times of the day according to traffic flows. The system uses a Barrier Transfer Machine that positions the barrier according to peak time traffic flow, this maximises the work area available during the contract. The barrier is fully tested to EN1317-2 Test Level H2, offering high containment and low deflection that allows for traffic flows to be maintained while ensuring safety to both road workers and the motorist. The QMB has been used for over 15 years worldwide and has a proven track record of dependable performance and reliability.

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