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Highway Care supplies UK's first crash cushion

Highway Care have supplied and installed the first UK installation of the TAU Crash Cushion along the M5 near Gloucester.

January 2009, the TAU Crash Cushion system was installed on the end of BG800 and was required by InterRoute (the contractor) on behalf of the Highways Agency (client). A routine driver information and communications upgrade is being carried out and while BG800 steel barrier provides protection to the work force from errant motorists, the TAU Crash Cushion protects motorists from impacting the end of the barrier.

The high level of safety offered by Highway Care’s BG800 system can now be significantly increased by the addition of fully approved bi-directional, re-directive crash cushions. The TAU crash cushion system, recently approved by the Highways Agency for use on UK roads, can be installed as an alternative to the barrier ramped terminal providing full protection to errant motorists by preventing ramping incidents.

When impacted from the front, the system telescopes rearwards to absorb the energy and captures the errant vehicles to prevent secondary accidents. If impacted from the side, the system redirects the vehicle safety at a shallow angle. The system is highly reusable following an impact and can be repaired on site typically in less than 2 hours.

The TAU crash cushion system can also be used in locations where motorists need to be protected from other temporary or permanent roadside hazards. These crash cushion systems are available in 50km/h through to 110km/h speed ratings and can protect hazards of widths ranging from 0.7m to 3.1m.

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