Five benefits of using an installer and supplier of road barrier system all in one

One of the most important aspects to get sorted out on any road maintenance project is the road safety barriers that need to be in place. Making sure you have the right road barriers in the correct locations will not only keep the public safe when work is happening, but also those actually completing the work themselves.

Companies that install and supply

Sometimes though, this can seem a headache with different companies to deal with for getting the barriers you need and then getting them installed once deployed.

If you fancy making your life a bit easier the next time you're planning a road maintenance project, why not consider using the same company to both supply and install for you?

If you're wondering why it makes perfect sense to use one professional road barrier provider for all your needs, see the below five benefits.

It's quicker
This is a big plus point for projects that involve strict deadlines and also in saving you valuable time to work on other things. Using one company to supply and install road barriers means you won't have the lag in time of receiving the barriers from a supplier and then having to sort out a separate installation company to get them in for you. With one company who does both, once the barriers you need are in stock, the work can begin.

More cost effective
Using just one provider of road barriers to supply and install will save you money in the long term. Compared to hiring a separate company to send you the barriers and then another to fit them where needed, it generally works out better value. Of course, the time you'll save in only having one provider to deal with on your project means that you also reduce costs.

Increased support for projects
Hiring the same company to supply and fit your road barriers means you will get a greater level of support to assist you. This is due to them having a greater personal investment in the project itself and a better understanding of what is actually needed or the challenges faced. If, for example, you run out of a specific road barrier that you need on a stretch of motorway, it is much easier to get some deployed and installed fast with just one provider to deal with.

Better accountability
If you've ever been in a multi-vendor situation when a problem occurs, you know it can be a nightmare! No-one wants to take responsibility and getting any problems solved can involve many phone calls. By using one company to supply and install, you eliminate this and make it much easier to contact the right person when you need to.

Less hassle
The most basic but also valuable reason to use the same company for everything is that it just makes your life so much easier. From the procurement of barriers to their deployment and installation, dealing with one company saves masses of time and stress.

Let Highway Care Ltd help
If you want the same company to supply and install your road barriers, call us today. We are a professional and experienced road barrier provider that supplies, deploys and installs the product that you require. From traditional road barrier systems to other products such as mobile traffic solutions, we can do it all.

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