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Why Motorway Light Arrows are so important to road safety

Any work that involves the installation, removal and maintenance of temporary traffic management equipment on UK roads can be dangerous. Local authorities and contractors can mitigate these dangers though by careful planning and using motorway light arrows that are designed to be very highly visible to traffic.

Road barriers and mobile traffic products two-pronged protection
This protection can also be heightened through the deployment of state-of-the-art impact protection barriers equipped with the same illuminated light arrows that direct motorists to the left or right.

With this approach, the likelihood of a collision involving a vehicle is reduced and the protective barriers around the workmen enable workers to operate in relative safety, without fear of an incident.
If a collision does unfortunately occur, impact protection barriers are designed to absorb some of the impact energy to reduce damage and injury severity to both road users and road workers.

Innovations in road safety
There are certain design and safety rules that vehicles must adhere to on the motorway network, outlined by Highways England.

This involves things like using conspicuous colours and equipping work lights, hi-vis chevrons, decals and body stripes. Certain regional initiatives to increase safety have a ripple effect on surrounding areas, meaning safety standards continue to improve throughout the UK.

Motorway light arrows are becoming increasingly prominent around the country, supplied by companies with a strong commitment to innovation in road safety. It has been companies like these that are responsible for things like vehicle manoeuvring warning alarms and driver audible alerts, gradually reducing the risk to people around large vehicles.

Why motorway light arrows are important for safety on roads
The best suppliers of road safety solutions place the emphasis on collaborating with road maintenance companies. Road workers face a range of hazards in their day-to-day work, and highly-visible indicators for road users are a superb way of protecting them.

Motorway light arrows are large, with bright flashing lights that cannot be missed by drivers approaching them. They provide a clear indication of a hazard in the road and instruct drivers of the safest way to avoid those hazards.

These temporary traffic management signs can be erected on the ground, or they can be fitted to the back of a vehicle, so they are highly mobile and take little time to install. This makes them ideal for both planned roadworks on motorways and for impromptu situations that require road maintenance work.

Motorway light arrows in particular offer peace of mind for workers, allowing them to focus on the task at hand without fear of being hit by fast-moving traffic. Day or night, motorway light arrows make everyone safer and it is only a matter of time before they become a legal requirement for all works on the motorway network.

Highway Care: leading provider of motorway light arrows and mobile traffic products
At Highway Care Ltd, we take pride in understanding the needs of the UK's roads and staying ahead of the curve with our safety supplies. Motorway light arrows are just one of the many road safety products that keep personnel working on the roads without injury.

Contact us today for the supply and installation of effective road barrier systems and mobile traffic products.

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