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10 Winter Driving Essentials

Winter can be a dangerous time, especially on the roads when the snow and ice start to lay. Our handy essentials guide will help you get prepared for the winter season.

Winter is typically the season with most road delays and breakdowns, ensuring you have the right kit handy in your vehicle will make a big difference to your safety if you do get stuck.

You never know what you might face, a jack-knifed lorry or a sudden flurry of snow which could see you stuck for hours. Make sure you keep your kit in your boot or secured in your vehicle.

All year-round essentials

  1. A fully charged mobile phone (Don’t forget to install your break down service app)
  2. An in-car phone charger or power pack
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Personal medication
  5. First aid kit
  6. Sat-nav or printed route –(diversions may be put in place)
  7. Jump leads

Winter emergency kit

Keep these in your vehicle throughout the winter:

  1. A blanket, rug or sleeping bag
  2. Shovel
  3. Ice scraper and de-icer
  4. Torch and batteries
  5. Snacks – chocolate and cereal bars are recommended by the AA
  6. Extra screen wash

When severe weather is forecast and you have to travel make sure you pack these essentials:

  1. A warm winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves and warm clothing
  2. Waterproofs
  3. Sturdy footwear
  4. A flask of hot drink

Remember only drive in severe weather if it is essential!

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