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59% of motorists admit to driving dangerously through roadworks.

Following the release of this shocking statistic, read what our Operations Director, Andrew MacCuish had to say about being more careful driving through roadworks.

Research and survey results by Amey

New research undertaken on behalf of highways maintenance company Amey has revealed that the majority of UK road users admit to driving in ways that 'put themselves, roadworkers and other road users at risk of injury of death'.

Shockingly, 59% of road users who took part in the survey acknowledged they are not as safety-conscious as they should be when driving near or past roadworks and are therefore putting themselves, roadworkers and other road users at risk of serious injury and even death.

The survey also found that 37% of drivers admitted to speeding, 24% admitted to not giving their full attention to the roads when driving, 19% of drivers not maintaining a safe distance from the car in front and 14% not paying attention to road workers.

Although these results are concerning, the overall majority of those questioned, 87%, acknowledged that being road worker in the UK is a dangerous occupation.

What does our Operations Director think about this report?

Highway Care's Operations Director Andrew MacCuish, who is also a member of Safer Highways advisory committee commented:

“The research findings that reveal a majority of UK road users admit to driving in ways that put themselves, roadworkers and other road users at risk of injury or death is primarily disappointing though in truth not surprising to me.

It is a sad reflection of many drivers attitude's to personal responsibility that as much as 74% admit to exceeding speed limits set to protect those working at these sites.

Besides endangering the lives of those workers, they also seem prepared to endanger their own lives, the lives of any passengers they maybe carrying and the lives of other road users.

Statistics such as these just make everyone who strive to make our worksites safer, even more determined to do so. Whether it’s vehicle restraint barriers, crash cushions or any related safety products, we will strive to work with our partners and clients to keep workers safe.

Hopefully, research such as Amey has undertaken here, plus robust enforcement of speed restrictions will eventually have an effect upon the mindset of those drivers making up those awful statistics”.

You can see the original article and research carried out by Amey here.

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