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HighwayGuard is the latest innovation from Highway Care. It is a MASH 16 TL-3 portable, steel, workzone barrier, that comprises one piece of barrier and one unique T-Connector for rapid connection and disconnection.

Why choose HighwayGuard?

The simple two-part system design of the barrier means that a limited amount of components are required on install. Therefore saving project time and offering cost savings. The unique patent-pending T-Connector can be stored in one piece of barrier so that installation only requires another end of the barrier to be attached.

There are two systems to choose from, depending on the anchoring that is required. A standard system offers anchoring at each end for minimal deflection. The Limited Deflection System has anchoring available at every 12m section.

HighwayGuard is compliant in accordance with MASH 16 TL-3 for attachment with the BG800 portable steel barrier, sold by Highway Care.

Why is HighwayGuard so innovative?

  • Offers low-deflection for the protection of road workers and motorists
  • Quick installation times
  • Transport cost savings with up to 826.7 ft possible for transportation per truck
  • A narrow profile of just 21.26 inches, offering exceptional space saving for road crews
  • A useable life span of 20 years+

    HighwayGuard is available across North America and Australasia.

    For more information visit highwayguard.com.

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