Road Barrier System News

Why is the TAU crash cushion so important for motorway safety?

TAU crash cushions are an easy to install, reusable safety products.

redirective and bi-directional with Redirection Zone Class Z1 and Lateral Displacement Zone Class D1, providing high performance, high re-usability and speedy repair after impact.

The TAU system of static roadside crash cushions are fully tested to BS EN 1317-3 and accepted by the Highways Agency for use on the UK trunk road network and the NRA for use on roads in the Republic of Ireland.

TAU systems are particularly resistant to side redirective impact damage and have low life cycle costs in comparison with alternative similar products, thus offering high overall performance and competitive prices.

The TAU's on M25 J29 have been positioned in front of the bridge pier protection to prevent hazardous vehicle impacts. (Photos not taken from actual site)

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