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Highway Care’s BarrierGuard Wheeled seemed the perfect fit recently when EnterpriseMouchel – Highways Agency Area 13 were tackling the A66 Stainton Underbridge project.

Barrier protection was required to protect scaffolding while copings on the bridge were replaced, but the headroom was too low to allow the use of a crane. EnterpriseMouchel could not find any other barrier with an equivalent performance which could be easily installed without a crane or forklift.

Highway Care was able to provide 192m of BG800 Wheeled, allowing unloading of the barrier sections at either side of the underbridge for the barriers to then be simply pushed into position. The 12m barrier sections weighing just over one tonne were easily wheeled into position up and down a 1 in 3 slope by four operatives and then joined together to secure the “QuickMount” connections. The two runs of barrier were effortlessly installed in 2-3 hours despite having to periodically halt the works to allow local traffic access.

An EnterpriseMouchel engineer commented: “The site in question is an underpass with limited width and available site length as well as other restrictions. Barrier had been specified as protection to access scaffold, due to the site limitations it would have been difficult to install conventional systems. The ability to offload then push this barrier into place was advantageous at this location.The installation was completed quickly and with minimal disruption to traffic.”

The BarrierGuard Wheeled system comprises six metre and twelve metre sections connected by the enhanced ‘QuickMount’ connector. Each six and twelve metre barrier section have two wheel sets, each with two castor wheels allowing stable but speedy movement. The BG800 Wheeled system is installed as normal but can be split into sections which can then be moved laterally or longitudinally on the carriageway to a new location without the need for lifting equipment.
The BG800 Wheeled is part of the BG800 range that includes Minimum Deflection Barrier and Gate systems which are approved for use on the HA trunk road network.

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