Balfour Beatty, Operation BROCK 

Project Breakdown

Client: Balfour Beatty

Location: Operation BROCK, Kent

Duration: March 2019 - January 2020

Product: SoSec Vehicle Incursion Gate


Scope of Work

Operation Brock was designed to provide a disruption free solution for the increase in HGV traffic on route to the Eurotunnel or the Port of Dover queuing on the M20.


The aim was to manage congestion and reduce disruption to commuters travelling in and around Kent by diverting all Europe bound goods vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and over into a designated queuing lane on the M20.


Installation Solution


To control and organise the queuing vehicles that were travelling through Kent to France, Highway Care provided and installed four SoSec vehicle incursion gates on behalf of Balfour Beatty.

The SoSec vehicle incursion gate provide a form of barrier, which can be deployed quickly, providing instant security.

Preventing unauthorised road and work site incursions, the SoSec is a solar and battery powered incursion solution.


This was ideal for Operation Brock, which required a long-term solution to controlling the flow of traffic on the M20, particularly if issues across the border had occurred and traffic was building up.

In addition to the SoSec gates, a 4m wide boom with internal LED lights was also supplied and installed. The use of solar technology meant minimal infrastructure was needed to operate the gates and the LED lights ensured it was clearly visible to drivers in both day and night conditions.

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