A safety barrier gate compliant to NCHRP350 TL-3 and EN1317-2 testing standards and is a derivative of the high performance BG800® workzone steel safety barrier and integratable with it, concrete barrier or steel guardrail.


Protect and maintain emergency and maintenance access points with a trusted barrier system.

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Can be utilised as part of a run       of work zone barrier to provide       temporary access points


Opening the gate is simple and rapid. Both gate pins are removed at the opening end, and one at the hinging end. The wheel sets are deployed with a 24mm  socket drive located through holes in the barrier top.


When the barrier feet are clear of the road surface the gate can be easily pushed in the desired direction.  Removing all four pins allows the gate section to be removed completely. 


Closing the gate is the reverse of opening, no special tools or lifting equipment are required.



  • Connections available to concrete or guardrail systems with bespoke options available - seamlessly integrate barrier     systems.

  • Can be used within Highway Care’s workzone steel safety barrier family to create a  workzone access - increasing flexibility.

  • Multiple opening arrangements - open at either end or remove completely to increase access and direct traffic flow.

  • Fully galvanised to EN1461 - ensuring a long service life     of 25 years.

  • Durable HDPE castor wheels - allowing multi-directional     movement and ease of operation with minimal service requirements.

  • Modular 6 metre units provide varying opening lengths from     6 - 36m. Up to 50m bespoke gate option

  • Flexible design options. 

  • Durable - proven to operate after a typical impact.

  • Low maintenance

  • Rapid opening - less than 2.5 minutes for 2 operatives

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Standards, Testing & Performance

NCHRP 350 TL-3 compliant with      a maximum deflection of 1.1m for the largest gate variants.


EN1317-2 H2  compliant with a       maximum deflection of  N2 W5      or H2 W6 



Gate Length                   6m - 36m

Weight                           135kg per metre

Width at base                540mm

Height                            800 | 915mm