Highway Care's BG800® temporary steel barrier is a leading, rapidly deployable, low deflection vehicle restraint system (VRS) in the UK market. Along with its success in the UK, BG800® was the first temporary steel barrier introduced overseas and has continued to be a primary choice of road barrier system.

Made from galvanised steel featuring a unique quick-link connector for rapid connection and installation. 

Accepted for use on Highways England roads, BG800® offers an energy absorbing feature, which when hit, results in minimal damage to both errant vehicles and the barrier itself due to its distinguished stepped profile design. 

There is also an option for a fence to be attached to BG800 to protect road workers from falling debris and lost loads from fast moving HGVs.

Supply & Installation

With four depots located around the UK and our in-house Operational Delivery Services team available for all types of installation, Highway Care can service all scales installations and even provide emergency call-outs in the event of an unforeseeable accident.

BG800® can be hired in both 6m and 12m sections for rapid installation.

Our temporary steel barrier will be delivered, installed and maintained by our NHSS trained Operational Delivery Services team.


  • Rapid deployment

  • Easy installation

  • Saves work zone space - up to 800mm

  • Lightweight, 90kgs per metre

  • Permanent and temporary applications

  • Minimum deflection system - only 200mm

  • Roadside and central reservation application

  • Suitable for contraflow due to bi-directional nature of the barrier

  • Life cycle of up to 25 years

  • BG800® with fence protects road workers against falling debris and loads from passing lorries or cars

Standards, Testing & Performance

The BG800® temporary steel barrier has been tested in accordance with EN1317 and meets N2 W2, N2 W5, H2 W8 performance standards. Also successfully tested to NCHRP 350 TL-1, TL-2, TL-3, TL-4 and MASH TL-3.

BG800® with fence has been tested to 1.5m, in accordance with EN1317 N2 achieving W5 working width.

Standards          EN1317 N2 W2 | EN1317 N2 W5 | EN1317 H2 W5

Weight              90 kg per metre

Width                540mm

Height               800mm

Deployment     approx. 204m per truck


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