Highway’s Cares CLAW protection barrier has been designed to provide protection from hostile vehicles to temporary events like sports, outdoor markets, music festivals, shopping centres, industrial sites, public services and critical infrastructures.


The CLAW protection system has been successfully tested with various vehicles to IWA-14-1 at upto 40mph (64 Km/h)

The barrier is completely surface mounted, and can be deployed in a very short time, to protect a multitude of scenarios.

Download our CLAW brochure here

Supply & Installation

Deployment is quick


The product is not anchored and can be simply dropped into place.


No expertise is required to install to a pre-determined location.



For Rental or Purchase

Galvanised finish as standard

Advertising or information boards can be attached

Can be accessorised with refuse bins, cycle racks etc.

Can be used as standalone HVM

Easy to Deploy

No Fixings

Pedestrian Friendly.

Versatile deployment


Full Tested to IWA 14-1:2013 with multiple vehicles


V 1,500(M1)/64/90: 4.7

V 3,500(N1) /64/90: 8.2


V 7,200(N3C)/32/90: 1.2 (2 no.side by side units)

V 1,500 (M1)/80/90: 7.8



Multi-purpose protection, for additional value the CLAW can be further accessorised with advertising/sponsorship or information panels, bike rack, trash cans, flower pots, LED lighting further enhancing the benefit of installing these systems in your specific scenario.


The CLAW protection system is completely modular giving the flexibility to adapt its use to any kind of event.



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