Dawson Sweepers, Mini Light Arrow



We are very happy with the service that Highway Care provided. Right from the request to delivery, it was very quick and professional.



Paul Brewer, Operations Director Dawson Group Sweepers

Project breakdown:

Client: Dawson Sweepers

Product: Mini Light Arrow

Project overview

12 Mini Light Arrows, stock item LP13 were supplied to Dawson Sweepers, 10 being fitted to one batch of Dawson Sweepers and another two to another council customer.

Project objectives

The Mini Light Arrow was an ideal solution to highlight the presence of a road sweeper due to their slow speed. Motorists are directed around the sweeper when the arrow is lit up, in order to keep the flow of traffic moving.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Dawson Sweepers modified their fleet to clean the streets using disinfectant and help stop the spread of germs. A great example of innovation.

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