X-Tension® 110 P4 Terminal

The X-Tension® 110 P4 system is a tension based, energy-absorbing guardrail end terminal. It is able to cushion energy from head on impacts of up to 110 km/h, whilst redirecting the vehicle to a progressive and controlled stop.

Supply & Installation

X-Tension® 110 P4 terminal systems are available as either a single-sided or a double-sided terminal. Power and speed from the vehicle is absorbed through resistance, with the impact travelling along the tensioned rope, rather than being transferred down the steel beams, protecting against damage to the barrier structure.

The X-Tension® 110 P4 end terminal system is easy to install, improves safety and is easy to maintain and repair after impact, making it a cost-effective product.


  • Full height protection, increasing safety for motorists

  • Simple and robust system, a range of post options available

  • Fully surface mounted

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Suitable for all road types

Standards, Testing & Performance

The X-Tension 110 P4 terminals have been tested in accordance with EN1317 Part 4 and National Roads Authority approved (NRA) for the Republic of Ireland.

Is a D1.1 system with controlled performance on impact.


Under test conditions the X-Tension 110 redirected a 1,500 kg vehicle, upon impact on both sides.

Dimensions       11.7m                

Width                500-700mm          

Height               750mm

Weight              450-800kg              

Test Level          EN131-4 110km/h      



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