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Armadillo Crash Cushion

An urban environment solution offering protection specifically to motorcyclists.

Aluminium covered crash cushion with rounded edges and yellow powder coated option.

Tested in accordance with the Standards EN 1317-3 up to 50 km/h.

Supply & Installation

The Armadillo Crash Cushion is for use on low-speed and local roads to protect road-side hazards from motorcycle and vehicle impacts.

Offers road-side hazard protection against road signs and junction turn offs in towns and city centres. Aluminium covered crash cushion to provide protection to potential motorcyclist impacts.

Available in yellow colour to highlight road-side hazard.


Repairable system, minimal tools and equipment required

Quick installation

Chamfered corners to prevent risk of harm to motorcyclists and pedestrians

Yellow covering option to stand out against road-side hazard

Market-leading short system lengths, when a smaller hazard needs protection

Best in class D1.1 & Z1 performance

Various installation options for asphalt and concrete

Standards, Testing, & Performance

The Armadillo Crash Cushion has been tested at different performance levels in accordance with:
EN 1317 Part 3
Permanent lateral displacement zone class D1.1
Vehicle exit box class Z1
Spanish standard UNE135900

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