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08443 222 333

BG800 Gate

Steel, emergency access gate, for quick and easy access to central reservation, between lanes and even on bridges.

One operative can open gate in just two minutes.

Connects to BG800® for secure run of central barrier.

Supply & Installation

BG800 Gate can either be opened or completely disconnected, dependant on access requirements.

To open the gate simply lower all sets of wheels, which simultaneously lifts the barrier and then remove the 3 gate pins.

Alternatively to disconnect the gate, remove all 4 pins.


Quick and easy to open and close can be opened in 2 minutes

Emergency access and egress of traffic in minutes

Improves traffic flow in emergency situations

Standards, Testing, & Performance

Improves traffic flow in emergency situations.

Tested to Highways England BS EN 1317 Part 2 at performance levels N2 and H2 and working widths W5 and W8.

Case Study

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