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Ermes P4, P2 End Terminals

Ermes P4 End Terminal offers the performance of a crash cushion at the price of a P4 terminal.

Repairable, like a crash cushion, at shorter lengths than competitor systems.

Best in class performance, with D1.1 and Z1 performance.

Supply & Installation

Ermes End Terminals are applied to the end of safety barriers, which could present a hazard for motorists.

On the all-purpose trunk road network, a P4 terminal is specified for roads with a speed of 80 km/h or more (50 mph).

Various installation options for a range of surface types including soil, asphalt and concrete.


Crash cushion performance at the price of a terminal

Double sided, bidirectional device totally made from steel

Repairable like a crash cushion, minimal tools and equipment required; saving project time and costs

Driven posts, which typically do not need replacement after impacts

Market leading short system lengths for projects with limited space, installing where others cannot

Best in class performance - meeting D1.1 and Z1 specification

Standards, Testing, & Performance

The Ermes family of End Terminals have passed crash tests according to the following standards: EN 1317 Part 4, prEN 1317-7,

Permanent lateral displacement zone class D1.1, Vehicle exit box class Z1

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