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Instaboom GS6

Instaboom GS6 is an easily deployed vehicle incursion gate. Sensor lowers the boom as over-height vehicle approaches.

Recognised by Highways England as compliant in accordance with Raising the Bar 7 and 27. Provides customers with large labour based cost-savings.

Supply & Installation

Mobile wheeled into place, simple to use and easy to deploy by one operative. Solar and battery powered - no mains electric required.

GS6 for detection of over height vehicles for sites near bridges and overhead cables.

With over 300 reports a month of unauthorised incursions into road works on Britain's' 4,300 mile motorway network, the Instaboom is an essential product for road worker safety.


Sizeable labour cost savings and ROI due to reduced site manning

Reduces vehicle incursions and saves road worker lives and risk of injury

Meets the requirements for Highways England's Raising the Bar 7 for overhead structure protection and Raising the Bar 27 for traffic management incursions and was awarded a Blue Star and Safety Initiative of the year in 2019 by Highways England

Carbon savings and environmentally friendly

Used on highways schemes, including the M20 Smart Motorway and over 100 in use on the M4

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