Highway Care have been introducing road safety products to the market since we began as a weed spraying company in 1973. We exist to drive road safety innovations in order to protect road workers and motorists.


Our latest innovation projects include the Automated Cone Laying Machine, a project in collaboration with Highways England, Kier and other highway solutions providers and the SwiftGate automated taper system, with partners Versilis and Kier.

Automated Cone Laying Machine

Cones are often used to create a taper to inform road users and road workers of essential improvements or maintenance being carried out on busy routes. With motorway in particular, when traffic is thundering past, putting out cones can be frightening and dangerous for workers. There is also the risk of injury, due to operatives lifting around 10 tonnes of equipment each shift and twisting their bodies whilst doing so. By having an automated cone laying machine, just one worker is operating in a live traffic lane (to drive the vehicle) rather than three. These skilled workers are then freed up to work on other important parts of highways projects, another benefit to this process being automated. 

Highway Care carried out a trial in February 2020 with Highways England and Kier to gauge industry feedback. Further trials will be carried out with maintenance during summer 2020, with road trials later in the year and a view to deploying the machine in 2021.

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ACLM trial video
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