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A MASH tested guardrail barrier that imposes lower forces to an impacting vehicle than traditional guardrail crash barriers.

As the barrier deflects, the vehicle impact energy is dissipated in a way that reduces occupant risk.

The lightweight, ductile Z-posts and clever sliding carriage allow the W-beam to effectively detach and provide a forgiving impact, reducing ride-down deceleration forces and minimising vehicle damage.

The W-beam remains properly engaged with the vehicle, even when detached from the Z-posts.

Less steel than conventional steel guardrail barriers - improving cost and material handling

Fewer components - faster installation and reduced inventory

The best ASI rating (A) - improving passenger safety

Tested against the American MASH Specification - applicable for the larger SUV vehicles found within the Middle East.

Clever system design allows the W-beam stay consistently engaged with the impacting vehicle. The SUV is less likely to ride over the barrier.

The EZY-Carriage eliminates the traditional use of large blocking pieces and rail sti?ener plates that could potentially cause injury due to debris scatter post collision.

All components are hot dip galvanized for durability

Post is below top of the rail - improving safety for vulnerable road users

Adjustable height carriage available - compensate for ashphalt resurfacing

Standards, Testing, & Performance

MASH TL-3 Deflection is 1.65m.

NCHRP 350 TL-4 Deflection is 1.53m.

Case Study

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