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A safety device aimed at reducing the severity of errant vehicle impacts with utility poles, trees or other single point hazards.

It significantly reduces the severity of vehicle impact.

Meets MASH TL-1 standards (2,270kg pickup, 50kph head-on) criteria for non-redirective crash cushions.

Compact size makes it suitable for reducing the risk created by a hazard where there is not enough space for other solutions.

Bi-directional protection.

UV stabilised typically requiring zero maintenance - Suitable for the harsh Middle Eastern environment

No foundation or securing is required to install - keeping installation times and costs down

Fire and vandal resistant

Standards, Testing, & Performance

Meets MASH TL-1 standards 2,270kg pickup, 50kph head-on) criteria for on-redirective crash cushions.

Proven safety benefit up 80kph.

Case Study

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