The Janus Crash Cushion is a unique low-speed, urban environment solution with energy-absorbing properties at both ends. Offers protection against road-side hazards such as: telephone and lighting poles, roadside weather stations and CCTV systems. The Janus negates the need for long lengths of safety barrier and terminal.


The Janus crash cushion comes in three versions, depending on speed performance required and space available, including up to 50 km/h, 80 km/h and 110 km/h and has successfully passed crash tests in accordance with the Standards EN 1317-4 and prEN 1317-7.

The Janus is energy-absorbing, double-sided and completely made of steel. It can easily and quickly be repaired and installed with minimal tools and equipment. Saving maintenance contractors time and costs. 

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The Janus crash cushion can be used to protect all types of road-side hazards including:

  • telephone and electrical poles

  • weather stations

  • solar-powered CCTV poles

The Janus 50km/h and 80km/h are for low-speed urban environments.

On the all-purpose trunk road network, roads with a speed limit greater than 50 mph, the performance level of the crash cushion will be 110km/h. 

On all-purpose trunk road network, roads with a speed limit of 50 mph or less, the minimum performance level of the crash cushion will be 100km/h, therefore 110km/h would be required.


  • Repairable system with minimal tools and equipment required 

  • Short system lengths provides cost savings in comparison to installing lengths of guardrail, when a smaller hazard needs protection 

  • Best in class D1.1 & Z1 performance

  • Various installation options for soil, asphalt and concrete

  • Supplied assembled to allow for quick & efficient installations

  • 12m length, 8 posts, is cost-effective and efficient

Standards, Testing & Performance

Janus crash cushions have been tested at different performance levels in accordance with:

  • EN 1317 Part 4

  • prEN 1317-7

  • Permanent lateral displacement zone class D1.1

  • Vehicle exit box class Z1

Length range                      4,525 mm - 11,800 mm

Width                                  315 mm 

Height                                 620 mm

Test Level                           EN1317 - 4, EN1317-3, prEN 1317-7

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