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Latest Innovations

Our main goal is to bring innovations to the UK's roads for a safer future for everyone. We do this by driving technology and automations forward and collaborating with industry partners.

The Falcon Automated Cone Laying Machine is currently at road-trial stage, with a view to completion by Spring/Summer 2021. Upon successful completion of this stage, the Falcon ACLM will be used on projects on the network, later in 2021/early 2022.

Cone laying is a dangerous and frightening job for operatives. It can cause musculoskeletal disorders from the repetitive strain of lifting many tonnes of cones per shift. There is also the very real danger of an operative falling out of a vehicle and being struck by a car. The Falcon ACLM aim is to automate this process, freeing up an extra two operatives per cone laying task, who can be deployed to different areas of road construction and traffic management businesses.

The Falcon ACLM was developed with funding from Highways England and in collaboration with Kier Highways.

Register your interest in the Falcon ACLM by calling us or filling out the form below.

SwiftGate is an automated lane closure system which operates as a taper. 

It is currently awaiting on-road trials in development with partners Versilis and Kier Highways.


It is designed to reduce risks for to road workers by removing the need for them to manually install traffic management for road and lane closures. SwiftGate pivots horizontally and offers increased visibility using a high surface of reflective material and LED lighting.

For more information or to register your interest in the automated taper system SwiftGate, please contact us via phone or the contact number below.

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