A crash cushion is an energy absorption device installed in front of one or more hazards to reduce the severity of an impact.


The Leonidas family of crash cushions offers 43 different variants of width and speed performance; offering more choice and more tailored products to suit individual highway applications and hazard size.

There are four versions of Leonidas Crash Cushion available, depending on width required and space on offer; Parallel for hazards in a narrow space, Semi-Wide for slip roads and junction schemes and the Wide and X-Wide for larger and wider, fixed hazards such as large rigid sign poles or wide tunnel entrances.


The simple replacement of the impact absorbing panels after a collision will save maintenance contractors project time and costs. The Leonidas Crash Cushion family are market-leading short system lengths, for applications with limited space - we install where others can't.


The Leonidas Crash Cushion range are supplied in four versions to suit different types of road layouts, speeds and type of possible hazards, including Parallel, Semi-Wide, Wide and X-Wide.

The Leonidas Parallel is ideal where space is limited - narrow tunnel entrances and bypasses.

The Leonidas Semi-Wide is offset right or left and suggested for use on slip roads and junction schemes.

The Leonidas Crash Cushion Wide and X-Wide protect larger, wider hazards and fixed obstacles, such as rigid sign poles and wide tunnel entrances.

Various installation options for different types of ground, including asphalt and concrete.


  • 43 variants of crash cushion width size and speed performance available

  • Simple replacement of impact absorbing panels after collision

  • Cost savings and project times cut for contractors

  • Market leading short system lengths, for applications where space is limited

  • 110km/h Leonidas Parallel system has even passed an experimental high speed test at 130 km/h (80.8mph)

  • The Z1 vehicle exit box class lowers the risk of redirected impacting vehicle encroaching into hazards or area used by road users and road workers 

Standards, Testing & Performance

The Leonidas family of crash cushions have been tested at different performance levels in accordance with:

  • EN 1317 Part 3

  • Permanent lateral displacement zone class D1.1

  • Vehicle exit box class Z1

Length range                      1,600 mm - 6,130 mm

Width range                       860 mm - 3,200 mm

Height                                 770 mm

Weight                                500 - 1,500 kg

Test Level                           EN1317 - 3

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