We have 30 years’ experience in selling Lorry Mounted Crash Cushions mated with over 25 years technical experience to offer the correct level of support.


Our product development heritage is equally extensive with 20 years ‘experience in developing type approved light motorway light arrows.


Our offering is based upon integrity, appreciating your vehicle needs to showcase your operations.


Throughout any transaction we will encourage and value your input and opinions.


We would like to cultivate a long term sustainable relationship built on knowledge and trust which will exceed your expectations. You have our assurance that as leaders in innovative solutions for a safer future we will never become complacent.


Please view our product offering below

Motorway light arrow

Our range of motorway light arrow systems include those suitable for impact protection traffic management vehicles.


The motorway light arrow can be supplied with either a folded top panel or be operated by vertical lift.

IPV Vehicles
IPV Vehicles

At Highway Care we pride ourselves on providing you with an IPV that is fit for purpose.


We can assist with fully vehicle builds, outright purchase, finance options and rental either flexible or fixed terms.

The mini light arrow is a lightweight device for traffic management and road maintenance


Contractors use these to highlight the presence of smaller vehicles. 

Demount 12c Signboards
PolVis slow down night.JPG

Our demount board has been design with the operator and vehicle builder in mind with its simple install and de-install capabilities ensuring that you can maintain multipurpose vehicles with your fleet.

The PolVis II system offers a lightweight warning solution designed for Incident Support Units and Highway Patrolling Units.

This variable message sign enables emergency services and maintenance contractors to improve safety and traffic control at road incidents, showing a warning triangle, text and pass left and right arrow. PolVis II was developed in partnership with the Highways Agency.

SS 90 HD

The SS90HD is a potentially reusable heavy duty (TMA) usable for all aspects of Highways Management.


SS90HD is approved to NCHRP 350 level 3, in addition its passed the UK TD49/70 (110km/h – 68mph). SS90 HD can be driven at speeds up to 55mph on rear air suspension.

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Phil has had a varied care in the automotive sector that has spanned nearly 30 years. He has held roles for large PLC’s such as Michelin and Hiab Group before joining HC at the beginning of 2017. Since then Phil has used the skills learnt to develop MTP into a viable, dependable business unit offering sustainable innovative solutions to the sector. Phil says "It is a privilege to work with industry experts offering approved, dependable solutions. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to impress the customer with our products, offering sound technical advise and the reassurance that with our partners we can deliver exactly what’s required, when required for what we told you it would cost.”

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