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Impact Protection Vehicles

Impact Protection Vehicles
There is no need to accept a standard vehicle build. At Highway Care we will discuss, consult and recommend the Impact Protection Vehicle build that is most suitable for you.

Recent IPV builds have included: a ballasted 4.5m IPV, a 26 tonne barrier rig and IPV combo, with hydraulic cone wells, extended cone wells, bespoke switch panels for end users and retractable safety rails.

Our bodybuilder Bevan Group offers an industry leading five-year warranty, to ensure your asset is kept in the condition it deserves to be.

In addition to this, Bevan Group have invested in getting approvals on the P2VQ (Passport to Vehicle Quality) scheme for our traffic management products, which means your IPV hasn’t got to leave the builders to have an IVA test. It is all done in-house, before returning to you.