• Easy to use

  • Quick to deploy

  • Free-standing

  • Anti-tamper

  • Low maintenance



The SecureGuard CB portal is a resilient hostile vehicle management system, which allows for pedestrian access to secure buildings and high footfall events. 

Steel portals are attached to the SecureGuard CB barrier linked structure, providing protection against vehicles trying to enter protected areas and cause harm or damage. 

Vehicles are stopped with ease by the concrete barrier format, defending any passing pedestrians. 
The portal can be installed as either a portable or permanent solution and can be used alongside other perimeter control solutions, including turnstiles, fencing and bollards.  


If you require safe perimeter asset protection, the SecureGuard CB portal is the perfect solution. Tested to IWA 14-1:2013 classification.


  • Pedestrian or vehicle access via portals

  • Control systems

  • Can also be used on perimeter roads - highway approved barrier H2 & N2 containment under EN1317-2:1998


SecureGuard 20 PAS 68
SecureGuard 30 PAS 68
SecureGuard 50 PAS 68
Rising Arm Barrier PAS 68
SecureGuard Pedestrian Portal
SecureGuard Hinge Accessories
SecureGuard CB
SecureGuard CB Portal
HVM Bollards
RDS Fencing Gates/Turnstiles
SecureGuard Fencing Gates
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