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Highway Care join forces with Kier and Arbus fencing to deliver phase 1 of A309 upgrade works

Updated: Apr 8

Road users on the A309 Kingston Bypass have been protected following the upgrading of barriers that prevent errant vehicles from being able to cross over to the opposing carriageway on a busy stretch of the network.

Working with Kier Highways and Arbus Fencing, Highway Care installed 2.5km of its BG800 temporary barrier in the central reservation on the bypass, to upgrade the existing barrier, that was near to reaching its life expectancy.

Highway Care’s BG800 barrier was chosen as the temporary vehicle restraint system for the project, in part, due to its reduced fixing points. The installation specification of BG800 temporary barrier resulted in the saving of valuable project time, with Arbus Fencing not having to black out the existing white lines and stud the road.

This in turn decreased disruption and inconvenience to the public, by reducing the time required to close the road and allow installation of the temporary barrier and a reduction in noise exposure to locals. The BG800 also allowed for suitable access and egress to the works, as the site spanned over 1km of highway on either carriageway.

A major challenge on the A309 project that the Operational Delivery Services team overcame, was situating the barrier to avoid the numerous existing services, whilst maintaining the necessary protection to the workforce.

Speaking about the project, Luke Roberts, Contract Manager, Arbus Fencing said: “We have a healthy relationship with Highway Care, which allows us to openly discuss the requirements of every project. This includes the inevitable pitfalls that present themselves when compromising for external factors of the works, allowing for solutions to be clearly agreed ahead of installation.

“Highway Care stakeholder engagement is second to none, from sales, to technical assistance, to aftercare, across all levels of the business. Highway Care are always willing to join meetings with clients before project commencement and provide senior members of staff during and following installation.

“Safety, health, environment consideration as well as quality and the operatives site conduct, is excellent, you can tell the Operational Delivery Services team really know what they are doing. Working swiftly but never compromising safety.”

Andrew Osborne, Project Supervisor, Kier Services, Highway Services added: “This was a particularly complex project, due to the install taking place on a long stretch of busy road, where only a single night closure was possible. There were numerous access locations required to stay running, including emergency services.

“Additionally, there were a host of hidden existing services to be avoided. We were pleased Arbus chose to work with Highway Care on this installation, due to their professionalism in both the commercial and Operational Delivery sense. Highway Care always go the extra mile to ensure each project is fully understood, solutions designed, objectives are met, and projects are completed as efficiently as possible. The engineering and customer service team are always fully supportive of our requirements and assist with any potential issues, professionally and promptly.”

Phase two of the project is due to commence late 2021 and will be a continuation of the upgrade to the central reservation.

Rob Lowe, Business Development Manager, South – Highways, added: “For Highway Care 2.5km was the largest temporary steel barrier install we have completed in a single shift for some time. These type of jobs are great opportunities to develop and refine delivery practices and this opportunity allowed us to evaluate our abilities in a tight working window. It is great to know that there was significant capacity to install more, had it been a requirement. With the correct collaboration we can in fact achieve far more. Working in conjunction with Kier & Arbus is always a delight. From a commercial stand we are able to discuss matters openly and honestly, and operational matters are equally dealt with professionally, coherently and planned efficiently.”

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