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Barriers with Fencing: How can they protect road workers?

Distressing footage has been released by Highways England of the moment a piece of metal struck a road worker on the M6, after it came off a passing HGV and hit his leg. The road worker was working on the central reservation as part of motorway upgrade.

Fortunately, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries or broken bones but this highlights how easy it is for road workers to be injured when working on road sides. Not to mention how terrifying this must have been.

The footage was released as part of a campaign to highlight the dangers of unsecured loads on England's motorways and A roads. More than 46,000 items were found by Highways England officers on major routes over the last ten months. That is far too many opportunities for road workers to be seriously hurt.

Heavy materials pose a risk to road workers

Building and construction materials are the most frequent items dropped on motorways - these being the heaviest and most obstructing type of objects which can cause much damage and seriously injure.

On Road Team Manager Mark Snell, who is based in Hampshire, said: “We have had fence panels, a shed, tools, tool boxes, motorcycle bags and top boxes – the whole contents on one family’s top box was spread all over three lanes as they were on their way to a holiday in the West Country.

“On one occasion there was a double-glazed door and windows on the slip road at junction 6 of the M3 with cars swerving around them.”

Most incidents on are on the main routes, the M6 and M1, followed by the M5, M62 and M25.

BG800 fence crash tested to EN1317-2

A fence will protect road workers on motorways

But, there is a simple solution. One way road workers can be protected is by combining a fence with temporary barrier. Fences or screens are seen more frequently in other countries such as Australia and America.

BG800® fence has been tested with 1.5m to EN1317-2 N2 achieving W5 working width and is HE compliant.

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