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Cars Ignore Road Block and Mount Pavement

Shocking footage from a road block in Lewisham filmed by a resident emerged last week. Drivers mounted the pavement with disregard to any pedestrians that may have been walking down the road and seriously hurt or even killed.

The street had been made "access only" as part of a wider scheme but drivers still attempted to cut through residential streets on Tuesday by finding a way around the barriers and completely ignoring the road block signs.

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Lewisham Council said the drivers had behaved in a "reckless manner" and are now installing more bollards to prevent it from happening again.

Solutions to prevent drivers ignoring road blocks

The road blocks used on this road in Lewisham are simply sign boards and will not probably block a road off or deter people from attempting to move around it.

Instaboom blocking works access road

To prevent vehicle incursions, the Instaboom is an instantly deployable vehicle incursion gate. The boom length can be as long as 4m. It is delivered to site, ready to use and reduces the need for someone to man the site, while also offering a safe method to prevent motorists from driving through or around temporary road blocks.

Or, for instant hostile vehicle mitigation protection, the CLAW it can be installed over kerbs, curves and against walls, making it the most versatile option in temporary security.

The CLAW can be tailored to its surroundings, becoming litter bins, football goals and even zebra print for a zoo

Road barrier options for long-term projects

For long-term projects a concrete barrier with a narrow footprint is the ideal solution - the HC350 and for larger-scale projects temporary steel barrier is the most suitable option - BG800® temporary barrier.

Contact us today to find out more about what the best tailored solution for your road works project is and how our solutions can help save road workers, motorists and pedestrian lives.

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