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BG800, A14, Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme IDT

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Project Background

The A14 Cambridge to Huntington improvement scheme has been a major project for Highways England, the UK's biggest road upgrade in fact. The new 12 mile Huntingdon Southern Bypass is now open, a full year ahead of schedule.

Highway Care are proud to have been a part of the scheme, supplying up to 30km of BG800 barrier and up to 80 crash cushions at any one time, protecting the A14 Integrated Delivery Team who were working on the road from passing traffic.


The project which started for Highway Care in June 2016, involved us not only supplying, installing and removing BG800 but also maintaining the barrier, for instance when the barrier was hit and required urgent repair.


Our in-house Operational Delivery Services team worked tirelessly to keep BG800 on the active parts of the A14 scheme, both day and night. This was a fantastic achievement for the team and highlights the operatives' capability to not only install road barrier systems but maintain them too.

For enquiries relating to BG800, crash cushions or any other highway safety product, please get in touch on 0344 840 0088 or email

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