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Drivers Exceeding 30 mph Limits brings Concern

The latest study from the Department of Transport’s latest Vehicle Speed Compliance Statistics (Sept 2020, report can be downloaded below) shows that the majority of car drivers exceed the speed limit on 30 mph roads.

The statistics reveal that 54% of cars were driven too fast during free-flow conditions last year, despite these routes mostly being through residential areas and towns and cities with lots of pedestrians and cyclists. This is compared with 50% on the motorway network and 9% on 60 mph roads, according to the study.

Tree Crash Cushion

This is a concerning statistic and further highlights the need for road safety measures such as crash cushions to protect hazards such as trees and traffic signs from impact with speeding drivers.

The urban environment such as towns and cities are becoming busier after our period of lock down which could mean higher accident rates and more chance of impact to hazards.

There are a range of crash cushions available for the urban environment which are tailored to the types of hazards that can pose injury to motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and even pedestrians. Highway Care have introduced the Armadillo to protect motorcyclists and the City and Tree to offer protection against street signs and trees and other hazards found in urban settings. To find out more about our Urban Highway Safety Solutions click here.

Armadillo motorcyclist protection

Miles Boyd, Commercial Director said:

"The drive for intelligent urban and city street scenes over the past decade has introduced the networks users to a landscape of new hazards, CCTV, ANPR, Speed Cameras, Smart Bus Shelters, Weather Stations all to name a few, presenting a serious level of risk and personal injury to the occupants of wayward vehicles upon impact.

At Highway Care we fully understand that successful safety solutions need to be practical, effective, reliant and fit within their environment, which set the scene perfectly for us to introduce our new range of EN1317 compliant Urban Crash Cushions and Terminal Ends."

DfT Vehicle speed compliance report 2019
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