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Getting to know Carmen Preda, Technical Support Engineer.

Here at Highway Care we value and admire all our staff. We are publishing a series of 'meet the team' interviews so our customers, suppliers and partners can get to know the people behind the emails that are sent and the hard work being completed everyday.

What better way to show our gratitude on #womenequalityday than to introduce you to Carmen Preda, Technical Support Engineer, based at Highway Care's Callow Hill depot in Herefordshire.

Carmen took part in a quick fire interview for us to find out a little bit more about what makes her tick, as well as what her role at Highway Care entails.

Q. Hi Carmen, let us find out a little more about your role. How would you describe your job in a nutshell?

A. "A combination of design, admin, technical support, and research."

Q. A nice mix of tasks then. How long have you been at HC? 

A. "Yeah! 2 years, 4 months."

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job? 

A. "Every day is different and all the new things to learn."

Q. What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

A. "Managing 20 Lidl stores and warehouses from designing, bidding, and purchasing to completion."

Q. What do you put off the most when doing your job? 

A. "Outside jobs in hot or rainy days."

Q. What are you most likely to say at work/at home? 

A. "Just give me 5 minutes."

Q. What are you least likely to say at work/at home? 

A. "Most of the time I can’t say no to people."

Q. Describe your job in three words

A. "Multitasking, challenging, adapting."

Q. If you could switch roles with someone at HC for a day, who would it be?

A. "I would switch roles with one of the purchasing team."

Q. What are your biggest professional challenges? 

A. "I think I’m too obsessed with details."

Carmen is a great example of the people that make up Highway Care. We are proud to have women engineers in our team and look forward to welcoming more into our company.

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