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Highway and Site Security Solutions during Covid-19 Outbreak

In this current time of having to isolate, socially distance and work from home, it is difficult for things to operate as normal - but it is necessary to keep society operating until the COV-19 crisis has lulled.

It is essential that highways and motorways keep running to ensure that hospitals get urgent medical supplies, and that the public get food delivered efficiently. It is also really important that temporary hospitals and other health providers have reliable perimeter security, traffic management and traffic control for their vehicle areas.

What about privately owned businesses that are having to close but need to protect assets right now? Shops owners or shopping centres may be concerned about unwanted vehicles gaining access at this time or are concerned about how to provide access in an organised manner.

Protect against vehicle incursions with barriers

There are a number of temporary barrier solutions with security in mind that offer all types of vehicle incursion, perimeter security, access control and traffic control at this time when businesses and the general public are on lockdown and frontline workforces, such as the NHS and police are busier and under more pressure than ever.

One way to ensure that various sites are kept secure from vehicle incursions, is to install a type of temporary barrier. These can be concrete or steel – both offering different types of perimeter protection. A fence can be added to SecureGuard steel barrier to create a full, access perimeter solution with 1.2m of height protection.

Each barrier will protect against impacts made by vehicles at varying speeds. For sites that don’t require Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, concrete barriers such as the SecureGuard CB or HC350, can act as an alternative to a traffic cone, which is deployed more easily and quickly by a small number of Highway Care operatives and more robust. These are temporary solutions, which can quickly be removed when restrictions start to be lifted.

Vehicle Incursion Gates: Saving on manpower, costings and energy:

Highway sites and construction sites may not only have concerns around security at this time but also of reduced manpower. Where highway and construction sites may still be in limited operation, vehicle incursions still need to be mitigated.

The Instaboom vehicle incursion gate, provides the security needed for work sites by removing the need for site security personnel by having in operation a key code, a fob or an intercom, to allow approved people through. The Instaboom is also environmentally friendly and is solar-powered, needing a quick charge every couple of weeks via a site generator.

At a time like this, when there is a need for as little operational staff on the ground as possible, the Instaboom vehicle incursion gate will do the job of keeping a highway work site secure.

Features and Options:

There is also an option with the Instaboom for a GS6 Boom – the ideal solution for sites near bridges.

The GS6 Boom works by detecting an obstacle up to 6m away at the set height and triggering Instaboom to close, securing the lane from an overhead strike.

Interested to find out more about our temporary steel and concrete barrier security solutions or vehicle incursion gates?

Highway Care invite you to learn more with a video call to one of our dedicated commercial managers. Click here to request a call back to find out more about our various highway and security solutions during the COV-19 outbreak.