Highway Care about our planet and the threat of climate change

Highway Care has demonstrated its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by enrolling in the EcoPoint fuel card programme.

Recognised by The Fuel Card Company, Highway care has been awarded a 'Certificate of sustainability', as a result, 443 trees were planted and protected by Forest Carbon on behalf of Highway Care during 2018. These trees will assist with the fight against climate change, capturing approximately 101 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Among a number of initiatives, Highway Care has introduced Telematics across their fleet as part of their recent FORS Silver achievement. The Telematics have allowed the fuel usage, related CO2 by distance and driving styles to be monitored and analysed to ensure drivers are operating to an environmentally sustainable manner.

More importantly, the Telematics have allowed Highway Care to implement a number of new best practice procedures that have allowed them to offset their carbon footprint, including, drivers must …

  • adhere to the anti-idling policy

  • use sensible acceleration

  • drive considerately

  • reduce harsh braking

HSEQ Manager, Chris Harris commented

“We’ve worked hard to make a number of positive changes which have not only made a huge impact on our carbon footprint but brought additional safety and financial benefits as our drivers modify their driving style, impacting positively on other road users and using less fuel … a win-win situation”

Close monitoring of the fleet's performance throughout the year by the Transport Manager, John Townsend, and his team continues to aid Highway Cares effort to meet their environmental company objectives.

Highway Care Ltd awarded Certificate of Sustainability

If you would like some more information on Highway Care's commitment to sustainability please contact Chris Harris, HSEQ Manager, on 01622 734215.