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Highway Care Barrier System benefits Major Australian Highways Project

Project Breakdown:

​A temporary steel barrier system from Highway Care has recently been deployed in a major highways project in Western Australia to ensure vehicle and worker safety during construction works.

The Wanneroo Road and Joondalup Drive Interchange in the northern suburbs of Perth is part of a government $2.3 billion investment in road and rail infrastructure. The new flyover interchange replaces a previous very busy signalised interchange. It also involves a number of other improvements to associated roundabouts and connecting roads in the vicinity. The interchange improves safety, travel times and the economy of local business and the community.

The Challenge:

Project contractors CPB approached Coates Hire about Highway Care’s BG800 system.

Craig Bowman, Product Specialist at Coates Hire explains, “We requested that the project consultants overlay the BG800 onto a CAD file to prove the system capability over the competitor product, and soon after we won the contract.”

Coates Hire in conjunction with sub-contractors Diablo Industrial installed the initial 1872 metres of the BG800 barrier system over just three nights. The install involved two trucks, a Franna crane and two installers each night.

There were some challenges during the installation but Craig Bowman explains how these were overcome, The wrap around the corners of the intersection were a challenge, but with the right planning and drawings on hand this process ran smoothly. There was a challenge too at the Burns Beach Road roundabout as it is at the low point of the road. However due to the way that BG800 connects together with the quick-link section and the use of 6 metre sections with slotted angle plates, this was easily overcome.

Craig Bowman was clearly impressed with Highway Care’s products and service, commenting, From experience the BG800 temporary barrier system is the most versatile barrier system on the market, and I think that shows with over 40 kilometres currently installed on Western Australia roads across some 14 projects.

The Solution:

​Highway Care's BG800 temporary steel barrier is one of the leading, rapidly deployable, low deflection vehicle restraint system (VRS) in the world. Made from galvanised steel, it features a unique quick-link connector for rapid connection and easy installation.

It offers an energy absorbing feature which when hit results in minimal damage to both errant vehicles and the barrier itself due to its stepped profile design.

The BG800 barrier system is lightweight at 90 kg per metre, can be configured for minimum deflection and has a design life of some 25 years.

It is suitable for both temporary and permanent roadside and central reservation applications as well as in contraflow systems due to the bi-directional nature of the barrier. With a height of 800mm and width of 540mm, BG800 is available in 6 and 12 metre sections and angled sections which made this Australian project possible. Various options are available including a gate, a wheeled version and one incorporating a fence on top of the system.

The BG800 temporary steel barrier has been tested to US standards and in accordance with EN1317 and meets N2 W2, N2 W5, H2 W8 performance standards. It has also been successfully tested to NCHRP 350 TL-4 and MASH TL-3.