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Highway Care & Mental Health Support

At Highway Care we believe mental health is just as important as physical health and fitness and so we are investing in Mental Health First Aid courses to ensure that our employees have healthy minds, as well as healthy bodies.

We have signed up to the Lighthouse Club - the construction industry charity's 5 step framework. What does this include?

1. We have signed up to the Building Mental Health Charter to create a more positive mental health culture. Unfortunately, two construction workers will take their lives every working day and Highway Care want to do their bit to help reducing this shocking figure, by ensuring that every employee has the chance to be supported.

2. We have ordered a health pack and internally promote the free 24/7 construction industry helpline. We also have an API for employees, the Lifeworks App, which is a well-being platform full of resources, news and programmes for employees covering all sorts of topics like family, health, life, money and work, all in confidence.

3. Our operations managers regularly deliver tool-box talks on mental health and well being and encourage their staff to openly talk about how they are feeling and ask if they need some support.

4. Highway Care now have a total of 14 MHFAs who have been on either the one day or two day St John Ambulance course. This is an excellent resource for staff who can turn to their manager or team member if they are having a bad day, need some help with resources or just want a chat.

5. It's recommended that companies signing up for the charter have 1 MHFA per 100 employees and we certainly hit that number.

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