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Improvements Underway for the A2: Bean and Ebbsfleet Junction

The Operational Delivery Services team at Highway Care have commenced work on the A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction improvements scheme, installing around 4,000 metres of N2W2 BG800 portable steel barrier and barrier compatible Tau crash cushions to protect road workers as they work on improving the layout to accommodate for an expected 15,000 new homes and 30,000 jobs which are expected to be created by the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation.

Project Breakdown

The Bean and Ebbsfleet junctions are on the busy A2 trunk road separated by approximately 1.2 miles. The Bean junction connects the Bluewater shopping centre and the B255 to the A2. The Ebbsfleet junction connects the A2 with the B259 Southfleet Road and are both very busy and often congested stretches of road.

The existing layout for the Bean junction should be retained, with the current roundabouts enlarged and controlled by traffic lights at the busy A2 Bean interchange. There will be a new bridge over the A2 for southbound traffic (situated to the east of the existing Bean Lane overbridge, which will be retained for northbound traffic) and a new slip road on to the A2 for eastbound traffic.

For the Ebbsfleet junction part of the project, the proposals will broadly follow the existing road layout with enlarged roundabouts controlled by traffic lights and the road between the roundabouts will be widened to a dual carriageway. The slip roads from the A2 will be retained and the slip roads to the A2 widened.

BG800 barrier being anchored
HC ODS Team: Completing Westbound Anchoring

Benefits of the Scheme

  • support economic and housing growth in north Kent, including Ebbsfleet Garden City

  • increase capacity of the junctions and minimise the impact on the A2

  • improve journey times

  • improve road safety

  • minimise impact on the environment

  • provide value for money


Our part of supplying, installing and maintaining BG800 barrier and Tau crash cushions should be completed in August 2020.

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